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About Our Team

THE FENCE -4- RENT COMPANY was established in 2015 by Douglas DiMattia and Arthur Brotherton. We use our combined experience in the field to make sure you receive the best temporary fencing rental services possible.

Our team is dedicated, highly professional and experienced in the field. We make sure your needs are taken care of in a timely and professional manner. We always put your safety and security first.

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What We Offer

Our company offers multiple services, including permanent fences and temporary fencing rental for commercial and residential projects.

We pride ourselves in being very professional. We always work on fostering lasting relationships with our clients while providing them quality work.

Driven Chain Link Fence/Tree Protection

Our chain link fences can be installed on all surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, sand and soil. We use posts that go beneath the ground and provide the strength and sturdiness of the fence. Our fences are very cost effective and most importantly safe and secure.

Swing and Slide Gates

We install swing and slide gates depending of the space that you need covered and the function of the gates. If you need to install a gate for a pedestrian entrance, one will be enough. If you need gates for your construction site, and you need enough space for all your machines and vehicles, then you’ll probably need to use double gates.

Panel Fencing

If you have an outdoor construction site that you need to protect and secure, panel fencing is your best option. The panels are reinforced to the chain link fences and offer even more support.
Panel fencing is often used with renovations. They provide you privacy while your renovations are in progress.

Multiple colored Screens

Finally we offer screens that give you privacy as well as help you control dust. They also come in multiple colors including black, green, blue and more.

At the Fence -4- Rent Company, we are aware that you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a temporary fence provider, which is why we really appreciate your choice to use our services. We take a lot of pride in our work and we always work towards providing excellent fence installation and customer service.

5 advantages of Choosing Our Temporary Fencing Rental Company

Whether you’re hosting an event, or you have a construction or renovation site, our team is there to help you out. We want to make everything easier for you, so you don’t spend countless hours and a lot of extra money in the process.

Therefore, we at THE FENCE -4- RENT COMPANY have a selection of quality permanent and temporary fences to suit all your needs.



We only use high quality materials and we always make sure your site is 100% secure. We have high-quality, but light rental fence panels, and we have a few more options which you can choose from. Those are additional features that improve your safety as well as the appearance of your rental fence, both of which can be equally important, depending on the nature of your project.



No matter what your project or your needs are, safety is the most important thing you need to have. When it comes to a construction site, or a crowded event, the last thing you need to worry about is unauthorized individuals entering, injuring themselves, or others, and possibly stealing valuable things. We provide very durable and secure temporary fences that will prevent people from wandering into your site, and will protect everyone and everything inside.



At our company, we make sure everything is done in a professional and timely manner, and all the work pre-, during and post-installation is done by our highly qualified staff. This means that you won’t have to worry about anything regarding the whole installation process, and all possible difficulties that may arise, such as uneven or difficult terrain, maintenance, repair or any sort of on-site alterations.



Rather than purchasing permanent fencing, or deciding to have a DIY project and constructing your own fence, you could use our fast services and get the fence you need while saving on time and money at the same time. Renting a high-quality fence from our company is a lot more cost-effective and reliable than any other option out there.



We mentioned before that you’d be saving on time and money using our services, but what we didn’t mention was the fact that you can save a lot of effort as well, by leaving it up to the professionals to handle everything for you. You can focus your full attention on your project and not worry about the safety and security of your site, once you leave everything up to our team.

Temporary fencing rental

The Fence for Rent Company

Why Choose Us

  • Our fence panels are very stable and durable

  • We can set up fence gates and slide or swing doors as required

  • We can add additional fencing if your project requires it

  • The fencing material we use is sturdy and strong

  • Our team provides excellent customer service

  • We are here to tend to all your temporary fencing needs

If you don’t want to risk spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars and a lot of valuable time on your fencing project, you should choose a professional and dependable fencing company that will make sure your business, home or property are protected. Choose the Fence -4- Rent Company and get a quality temporary fencing installation that fits all your needs.