Cyclone Fencing

Cyclone Fencing

When you are considering installing cyclone fence, first consider if it is the ideal fencing option for the area you want to enclose. Cyclone fences are only suitable for enclosing certain areas such as sports fields, factories, farms, industrial buildings and high-security facilities, but not homes.
This type of fencing uses a cyclone fence commonly referred to as a chain link fence. Other names it goes by include wire mesh fence, diamond mesh fence, chain wire fence or hurricane fence.

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Basic Steps to Finding the Best Cyclone Fence Installation Company


Why you should consider fencing your property

Some common reasons why people fence their property include:

  • Security – this is one of the main reasons why people consider fencing their property. If you reside in a crime-ridden area, fencing your property can keep away unwelcome guests. If you live in an area that is near a wildlife reserve, a fence can keep the wildlife from entering your property.

  • Safety – the purpose of a fence is to ensure the enclosed area is protected from intruders. A fence can ensure the safety of what is inside and who resides in your property.

  • Privacy – a fence can help protect your home or property from prying eyes. Not everyone needs to see what you are doing.

  • Marking property – demarcating your land with a fence is the most ideal way of preventing encroachers and land disputes.


Cyclone fencing considerations

When you are considering installing cyclone fence take these factors into account:

  • Size – consider the height and length of the fence.
  • Geographical point – consider the location where the fence is to be installed. Places near sea-level or those in corrosive environs can impact the durability of the fence. However, we have a solution for this, which is to coat the fence with vinyl to ensure it’s long-lasting.
  • Price – consider having a realistic budget to avoid disappointments.
  • Safety – the proper installation of a galvanized fence is of key importance to ensure safety. For a cyclone fence to be considered safe, it should be free of barbs and projections, which can cause serious injuries if not dealt with.

Advantages of cyclone fencing

People install cyclone fences for many varying reasons. It could be for security reasons, marking of property or for safety purposes. Whatever the reason, budget, security, and climate are some factors that of great importance when considering installing cyclone fence. Other important considerations include the material, height of the fence and the geographical location of the fencing installation.

Some advantages of cyclone fencing include:

  • Low installation costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy installation
  • Extendable
  • Sturdy in harsh weather
  • Long-lasting

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What is a cyclone fence?

A cyclone fence basically is a woven fence that is made of galvanized steel. This material makes it more functional, durable, and versatile compared to other types of fences. It is a popular fencing option because it is easy to install, flexible and affordable to maintain.

Although the installation process is not complicated, you do need a professional to install it. The last thing you want is a poorly installed cyclone fence, which is likely going to cause you a lot of problems.

To get a properly installed cyclone fence, contact The Fence 4 Rent Company. We are a reputable professional fencing company that offers quality fencing services at affordable prices.