Top Rail

Top rail adds additional strength to your fencing and provides the look of permanent fencing without the high price of similar security options. Top rail is easy to install, prevents a fence line from sagging or being bent, and is known for its overall stability. Top rail works for busy residential areas, downtown settings, and foreclosures and is beneficial when extra security is needed to protect a prominent location.


Tension Wire

Tension wire strengthens the fence and prevents it from being damaged from illegal entry if accessed from above, or if installed below, secures the base of the fence. Typically installed along the top of the fence, Tension wire is affixed by weaving it along the top of a chain link fence. Tension wire reinforces a fence for perimeter protection.


Superior Security

Superior security gives off a strong visible and physical message to anyone who might attempt to gain illegal access to your job-site. Superior security is installed on the posts at the top of the fence, and significantly reduces fence climbing and jumping.


Barbed Wire

Razor Wire

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