Pool Fence ideas for your San Jose Home

Soaking up the sun in your pool is the California dream. We can help you find the best pool fence to keep your yard beautiful, give you ultimate privacy, and safety. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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Pool Fence ideas in San Jose

Our team at The Fence 4 Rent specializes in installing a variety of pool fences that provide security, privacy, and safety. 

Having a pool in California is a great idea because it provides an escape from the blazing sun during the summer season. Owning a pool in your backyard is even better because you can swim at your leisure and without having to share the pool with strangers.  

But you want to take a dip and lounge in your backyard in utter privacy. You don’t want nosy neighbors and curious passersby to see or know what you are doing. 

To get the privacy you want, you need to install a pool fence. Installing a pool fence not only keeps out prying eyes, it also provides safety especially for your kids and/or pets from falling into the pool. 

Pool fences can be ornamental. They can provide an aesthetic appeal around the pool area enhancing the overall look of your backyard. 

But what are some factors to consider when you are deciding on whether or not to install a pool fence?


  • Safety – installing a pool fence can give you a peace of mind knowing that your children and/or pets are not in danger of falling in.
  • Privacy – in San Jose, you can install a fence that is seven feet high. This high enough fence to provide you with complete privacy from curious eyes.
  • Aesthetics – besides safety and security, a beautiful pool fence can make your pool area look stunning.


  • Accessibility – while this is cannot is considered a major drawback. Installing a fence around your pool means, the only access you have to your pool is through the fence gate.
  • Visibility – a pool fence limits the view to your pool. This is a problem if you want your pool to be part of your panorama.
  • Cost – installing a pool fence is not cheap.

The Fence 4 Rent Pool Fencing Strategies

At The Fence 4 Rent, we recommend to customers three different pool fencing strategies:

Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing can provide ample safety against accidental drowning. However, it has to conform to the safety requirements set by the San José Municipal Code.

Interior Fencing

The type of fencing encloses the pool area alone leaving the rest of the yard open. 

Removable Fencing

This type of fencing is ideal if you are the type of who loves holding barbeques or pool parties. You can remove it partially or entirely for a limited time to allow access into your pool. 

Easy Installation

Apart from being affordable, vinyl fencing is easy to install. Many homeowners prefer to install it themselves because it is easy to assemble the pieces. However, if you choose to hire a fence contractor to install your vinyl fence, the cost will still be significantly lower compared to, for example, the cost of installing a wrought iron fence.

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Pool Fencing Ideas

The Fence 4 Rent provides a number of pool fence solutions to help meet your needs. If you have no idea what type of pool fencing you would like to install, here are some ideas you may find helpful.

Glass fence

Glass fencing provides a sophisticated and sleek look in your pool area. You can choose to install a frameless or framed glass pool fencing. Whichever you choose, both provide the same functionalities -limiting and preventing easy access to your pool.


  • Strength – the glass used for pool fences is 6 times stronger than the normal glass and it literally resistant to breakage.
  • Durability – glass pool fences are resistant to moisture damage, pests, and corrosion. So expect it to last a long time.
  • Low maintenance – with a glass fence, all you need is water to keep it clean, unlike other fences types which require staining or painting.


  • It is expensive to install. The cost of installing a glass fence is three times more than the cost of installing a wooden or vinyl fence.
  • You need to hire a professional to install a glass fencing because the installation process is challenging and arduous.
  • Glass can easily scratch if it is not maintained properly.

Wooden fence

Wood fencing is the most common type of fencing and it’s affordable. So if you are on a budget, consider installing a wooden fence around your pool.


  • Wood fencing has an aesthetic appeal. If you are looking to enhance the look of your landscape design and home style, a wooden fence would be an ideal choice.
  • Wood fencing is inexpensive to install.
  • It is versatile
  • Provides ample security and privacy


  • Maintenance is expensive
  • It is susceptible to damage from the elements and pests
  • Limited visibility. A wooden fence will block the view to your pool.

Mesh fence

When considering a mesh fence for your pool area, consider the reasons why you are putting up the fence. If it is to provide a barrier around the pool for safety, then it is an ideal fence option.


  • Installation costs are low
  • Provides good visibility of the pool
  • It has an aesthetic appeal


  • If installed improperly, safety might become an issue
  • It is unstable
  • Requires a lot of maintenance to maintain appearance and strength

Aluminum fence

Aluminum fences are a good choice if you live in an area that experiences constant rainfall and humidity because it does not rust and it’s prone to corrosion.


  • Strong and durable
  • Provides some privacy
  • It is extremely elegant
  • It requires low maintenance
  • It is versatile
  • It is easy to install
  • It is environmentally friendly


  • It is not a good option if security and privacy are the main concerns for putting up a fence
  • It is susceptible to corrosion



When it comes to pool fences, there are many good options. All you need to do before installing a pool fence is to consider the purpose of the fence and what your budget is like.

For more information on pool fencing, give us a call or contact via email. You can also reach us via Facebook or Twitter.