You want to install a fence on your property, but you are not sure what type of fence would be the most ideal. If you are looking to install a wooden fence, there are two considerations, you need to take into account.

1. Style - aesthetic considerations

2. Function – What is the main purpose of installing the wooden fence on your property? Security for children and /or pets? Privacy reasons? Looking to increase home value? Or Increase salability?

Aesthetic considerations

If the purpose of installing a fence is to deck out your property, consider a wooden fence that complements your landscape design and house style.

solid board wood fence, for example, is a beautiful option if your focus is on style. You may want to also consider a board-on-board wood fence or a basketweave wood fence as they are both aesthetically pleasing.


While wooden fences are aesthetically pleasing, they may not be the best option in certain circumstances. For example, if you are looking to install a fence for security purposes, you may want to go with a chain-link fence. This type of fencing may not do anything to enhance the beauty of your property, but you can be lest assured it will keep all kinds of intruders away including wildlife.

If the intended purpose of installing the fence is solely for security reasons, it best to go with metal fencing rather than wooden fencing. But if the focus is privacy, a wooden fence will do.

Wooden fences are a great choice when you are looking to shield your home from peering eyes. They are an attractive fencing option when your focus is on creating a sanctuary in your backyard.

The stockade style fence, for example, is an ideal wooden fence style that provides a solid barrier from peering eyes. It provides ample privacy. While a brick masonry fence provides the same level of privacy, it pricier than a wooden fence.

For others, it’s not about creating absolute privacy. The primary focus is a fence design that provides partial privacy. A high picket fence would be the most ideal in such a circumstance because it provides some privacy, as well as a lattice fence.

Factors to consider before installing a wooden fence
What is the purpose of the fence?
 Why do you want to install a wooden fence? Is it for privacy or security reasons? Do you want to improve the outer look of your property? Or are you doing it to increase the value of your home? It’s good to know exactly why you want to install a wooden fence because they are many different types of wooden fences and they all have different functions. 

What is your budget like?
The cost of installing your wooden fence comes down to what kind of fence you want to install and for what purpose. You need to consider the cost of the fence materials, the installation cost as well as the cost of maintenance.

Do you need a permit?
If you want to hire The Fence 4 Rent to help you install your wooden fence, we will get the necessary permits before installing your wooden fence. However, if you plan to install the fence yourself, you need to obtain the permits before you do so as well as comply with the Homeowner Association guidelines if you are a member of one.

What about property lines?
The last thing you want is to get into trouble for erecting a wooden fence beyond your property lines. Ensure that you know where your property lines are to avoid problems with your neighbors. If you are not sure where your property lines begin or end, hire a land surveyor. This will save you a lot of grief, time and money.

Consider underground utilities before digging:
Before you start digging to install your fence, make sure to contact a utility locator. The locator can assess if there are any underground wires, utility lines, and pipes. This is essentially important to prevent inadvertent damage and prevent injury.

Love thy neighbor:
It is courteous to let your neighbor know that you are installing a wooden fence. You do not necessarily need to talk to them about the design of the fence unless you want to. But you may need to point out some key details such as the height of the fence you want to put up and why you want to install a fence.

Adding a gate:
Consider the size of the gate in terms of height and width. Do you want a gate that is large enough to allow a vehicle through or are you looking for a smaller sized gate? Also, ensure that gate safety measures are taken when installing the fence to avoid injury especially if you have children.

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