What you need to know about chain link fencing
Chain link fences in San Jose, CA are important for the legal land division of boundaries. Both land and homeowners need to understand what is required of them before installing a chain link on their property. They need to ensure that they are not encroaching on other people’s property to avoid legal ramifications.
It is important to learn about chain links in San Jose, CA. Chain link fences are made using galvanized steel wire with a PVC covering and electrostatic powder coating.  The powder coating makes the chain link fence less susceptible to chipping, cracking, and peeling. While the PVC covering provides protection against scratches and also gives it a beautiful looking finish.
Types of chain link fences
Chain link is a great alternative for your fencing solutions, especially if you own a commercial property. They are not only affordable but are sturdy.
Chain link fences come in different types. With each type comes different designs further diversifying the variety of chain link fences.
How do you decide which chain link is good for you and how do you pick the right professional for the installation process?
Our San Jose, CA fencing company has the information you need regarding different types of chain link fences and their use in your area. Give us a call and we can advise you on the best chain link to install based on your needs.
Common types of chain links fences
Chain links are made of metal. This metal tends to oxidize from the exposure to oxygen and moisture leading to rusting. Rusting affects the longevity of your chain link. To prevent this, the chain link is coated with a layer of zinc that prevents the metal from oxidizing. When you go out shopping for a chain link, inquire about the type of metal used to make it. At the end of the day, you want a chain link fence that is resilient and long-lasting.
Polymer and PVC Coated
Another way of preventing your chain link from rusting is by coating it with a polymer or PVC. This prevents the chain link from sustaining any damage caused by the elements. Both the polymer and PVC coating methods are more expensive than galvanized steel. However, they are highly effective, not to mention that they add an aesthetic value to your chain link.
These are the traditional building blocks for chain-link fencing. They are not only economical, but they provide a strong and solid design. Manufacturers are now using more advanced methods to help improve the chain link’s longevity and prevent rusting. If you are looking to install a chain link fence on your commercial property, consider a fence with a metallic coating.
What you need to consider before installing a chain link fence
Avoid legal problems
Your first step should always be to find out whether fencing is allowed in your locality. Different places have different laws regarding fencing. For example, rural areas have more flexible fencing laws compared to urban areas. If you are living within city limits, it might be advisable to ask for approval or at least find out whether fencing is allowed.
Determine your property lines and get a utility locator
Your next step should be to determine where your property boundaries lie. The last thing you want is to erect a fence on your neighbor’s property line. Because not only will it be costly but also time-consuming as you will be forced to remove the fence. To determine where your property boundaries lie, simply get a land surveyor to help you locate your property lines.
Once your property boundaries are marked, find a utility location service company. Most utility lines pass underground and it would cause a lot of inconvenience if they get damaged. The utility locator will be able to mark the places where not to dig to avoid destroying any underground utility wires or pipes. By doing this, you will avoid inconveniencing yourself and others and you will also protects yourself from injury.
Benefits of chain link fencing
1. It is affordable 
Chain link fencing is cost-effective, and it is one of the reasons why most people and businesses prefer using it. Compared to other forms of fencing that offer the same functionality, chain link fencing is less expensive when we are looking at the installation costs.
2.  Security
Sometimes referred to as cyclone fencing or hurricane, a chain link offers plenty of security to its users. Its overall structure allows for easy visibility. The chain link is usually attached to metal posts dug in the ground. This method of fencing is suitable for many uses both in domestic and commercial spaces. They are used in military applications, airports, correctional facilities and so much more. They vary in height depending on the level of security needed.
3. Durability
Chain link fences are considered as one of the most durable fence types in the market.  Chain links are usually made of different materials which boost their durability. Additionally, manufacturers usually customize chain links to fit the customer’s preference. Depending on the level of durability, you can choose between vinyl and galvanized chain links fences.
4. Plenty of design options 
Chain link fences are made to fit different tastes and preferences. The most common design is the silver steel. However, you can have other designs made depending on space and other factors. Chain link fences with different levels of thickness are also available.
5. Low maintenance 
Chain links do not need a lot of maintenance. In case your fence sustains some damage that requires fixing, you can easily cut and replace the damaged area.
6. Quick installation 
Chain links do not pose a big problem as other forms of fencing during installation. This is especially the case when you hire a professional to do it for you. Once your chain link fence is up, you will not need to do anything else.
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